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Employment and Business Visas

There are many different visa options availble for work-related visas. Some options are available to individuals, while others are made available to employers. Some of the available options include:

  • H-class visas for foriegn nationals working in the U.S. temporarily. There are several categories of H visas, which include:
    • H-1B visas. The most well-known H visa is the H-1B visa, which is used by employers to bring temporary professional workers into the U.S. While processing such visas was at one time relatively simple, the heavy used of the H-1B category by employers has complicated matters substantially. H-1B visas are now generally subject to numerical caps, and the USCIS has subjected applications to much greater scrutiny in recent years.
    • H-1C Nurses and Physical Therapists. H-1C visas are available for nurses in areas with nurse shortages.
    • Other H-class visa options exist. Many businesses can benefit from temporary non-agricultural labor, available through H-2B visas.
  • E-class visas for foreign investors. Persons who engage in the direction of significant international trade, or who invest and puts at risk significant capital in a U.S.-based enterprise, under the investor's direction, may seek an E visa.
  • EB-class visas for professionals, persons holding advanced degrees, individuals of exceptional ability, and skilled workers. The requirements that a person must meet for an EB-class visa are similar to those required for an H-class visa, but do not require an employer to apply for the visa. This means that individuals may apply for an EB-class visa.
  • L-class visas for intracompany transferees. International companies use L visas to move certain employees–executives, managers, or positions requiring specialized knowledge–into the U.S. with relative ease.
  • O-class visas for persons of extraordinary ability or extraordinary achievement. This category is broader than it may appear at first blush, if the category of achievement is properly framed and the applicant clearly excels in that category of achievement.
  • P-class visas for athletes and entertainers.

The selection of the proper work-related visa can be complex, because the applicant must consider such factors as the length of time the visa will remain valid and whether a given nonimmigrant visa can be converted into a permanent resident visa.  Call or email us today to arrange a consultation with one of our attorneys.

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