Restarting the Blog

We are restarting our blog here at the Farr Group.  Our focus will remain on U.S. immigration law.  That’s what we do.

Side note: we frequently get phone calls from people that are looking for help with the immigration laws of other countries.  To be able to learn and keep up to speed with the immigration laws of other countries around the world is unfortunately a Sisyphean task.  We are licensed to practice law in the State of Florida and under the federal law of the United States.  U.S. immigration law is largely federal although it does have state spillover, particularly when there are criminal and juvenile issues.  This is not to say that if there is a problem involving non-U.S. immigration matters we can’t help.  Sometimes making a change in a person’s U.S. immigration status can resolve a foreign immigration problem.

But if you are wanting to know how to get permanent residence in Australia, we probably can’t help.

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